Boracay Island, Things to know before you travel to boracay

Boracay Island has now reopened to tourists. however, there are rules and restrictions that have been updated in Boracay. As one of the best islands and beaches in the world, the government has imposed some of the latest rules and restrictions in order to preserve the island of Boracay. One of the prohibitions is drinking alcohol and smoking.

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If you are planning to visit Boracay, be sure to book a room at an accredited hotel. Before flying to Boracay, you can fly from Manila to Boracay via 2 airports on Panay Island, namely Godofredo P.Ramos and Kalibo International Airport, then continue by boat to Boracay Island.

there are several activities to do on the island of Boracay. including;
– Island hopping
– Diving
– Diving Helmet
– Sunset Sailing

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